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Did Nursing Homes take prompt actions to protect their residents and staff from COVID–19 infection?

Elderly woman with carer

There are nearly 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID–19 in Ireland with over 1,150 deaths. Over 5,400 Healthcare Workers have now contracted COVID–19. These are extremely high figures for a small country like Ireland. As over 60% of deaths in Ireland from COVID-19 have been in Nursing Homes actions taken by HIQA and Nursing Home Operators […]

HIQA have questions to answer over Nursing Home COVID-19 Infections

Elderly man with nurse

The Health Information Equality Authority (HIQA) is charged with the regulation of Nursing Homes in Ireland and to ensure that Nursing Homes provide safe and effective care for their residents.  With mounting criticism of the levels of deaths throughout Irish Nursing Homes from Covid-19 has HIQA failed in its statutory duty to ensure that Nursing […]