Travel Injury Lawyer for Road Traffic Accidents

Recovery after a road traffic accident injury can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. If you are not at fault for the accident, you deserve compensation for any trauma and unfortunate hardships you experienced because of it.

Traveling to a new country is a thrilling experience, but there is still a risk of getting into an accident while abroad. Injured Abroad, part of Moloney and Co., offers support and representation for those who suffer from personal injuries sustained during an accident far away from home.

What is a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

Suppose a driver or passenger in a car experiences injuries like a back injury, brain damage, whiplash, or any other bodily harm at the hands of another person. In that case, they could be eligible to file a compensation claim.

It’s recommended to seek advice from a trusted injury solicitor, like our international team at Injured Abroad and our international partners, and get compensation for loss of income, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and other hardships you have faced due to your injuries.

Types of Road Traffic Accidents

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 1.3 million people die yearly from road traffic accidents, and 20 to 50 million suffer from non-fatal injuries.

  1. Car crashes & collisions are one of the most common types of road accidents and can be caused by numerous reasons like unsafe road conditions or reckless driving.
  2. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, & cyclists count for half of global road traffic deaths and are much more vulnerable than those driving vehicles.
  3. Hit and run accidents occur frequently and are an accident where one party flees the scene or fails to provide insurance information to the other party.
  4. Drunk driving accidents account for an estimated 25% of road deaths in the European Union alone, and a rate for a fatal crash caused by a driver with a BAC of 1.5 g/l is 200% more likely than a sober driver.

2021 Statistics of Road Traffic Accidents in Europe and North America

Common Causes of Accidents

In Ireland, Spain, France and all around the world, there are a variety of incredible cultures that differ greatly, but one commonality they share are road traffic accidents and their causes:


Going over the set speed limit significantly increases the likelihood of a crash, because the faster you are driving, the less reaction time you will have to gain control over and stop your car. Speeding also increases the time it takes for the brakes to slow down your vehicle.

Weather Conditions

Dangerous conditions like rain, ice, snow, sleet, fog, hurricanes, and tornadoes can make roads unsuitable for driving. For example, your car can be uncontrollable or hard to stop on wet roads, which increases the risk of accidents. Under the worst conditions, try to avoid driving or do so cautiously.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is a risky mistake and often leads to catastrophic consequences. Alcohol impairs your cognitive abilities, makes you lose control over movement, and slows your response time. This impairment increases your chances of causing a car crash or any other type of road traffic accident, which could cause life-altering and irreversible damages to yourself and the other party involved.

Distracted Driving

Operating heavy machinery like a vehicle requires your complete attention 100% of the time. If you text, eat or do anything that distracts you from driving, you put yourself and others on the road at risk of a significant road traffic accident.

Injured Abroad: International Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

We are proud to fight for victims worldwide who are working to overcome the aftermath of a traumatic road traffic accident. Moloney & Co Solicitors works in tandem with experienced law partners around the globe to provide support for people injured in Spain, France, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA.

*In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.