Our International Partner: Switzerland

We pride ourselves on building strong working relationships globally with reputable firms that we can engage and collaborate with on behalf of our clients, thus increasing our success rate in cases abroad. We handle all aspects of a case from correspondence to logistics.

Silvio Riesen

Associate Partner

Schadenanwaelte AG

Our law partners in Switzerland are the Zurich-based law firm Schadenanwaelte AG and they will represent our clients in the Swiss courts if you have been injured in Switzerland, and, also assist Swiss citizens injured while travelling in the Republic of Ireland.

Schadenanwaelte AG is the largest Swiss law firm specialising in liability and insurance law, representing accident victims only.

They represent clients in the following areas:

  • Road-traffic accidents
  • Work-related accidents
  • Sports accidents
  • Railway accidents or other accidents in public transportation
  • Product liability law
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Private insurance law
  • Social insurance law

In cross-border claims, the firm’s main focus is on representing foreign clients who suffer injuries while visiting Switzerland. Schadenanwaelte AG has specific expertise in dealing with complex liability matters with high values in dispute.

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Swiss law governing Personal Injury

The Personal Injury system in Switzerland

Swiss liability law is based on the principle of full compensation. The economic effects of a damaging act on the injured party are to be compensated for. There are exceptions to such principles, especially concerning the loss of housekeeping capacity, and to claims concerning pain and suffering.

Fault of the injuring party is a precondition of liability. The most important exceptions of that principle are damages related to road-traffic accidents, accidents on public transportation and product liability law. In those cases, the concept of strict liability applies.