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JUDr. Marie Cilínková

Associate Partner

AK JUDr Marie Cilinkova

The Czech-based law firm of AK JUDr Marie Cilinkova is here to assist Irish tourists injured in the Czech Republic, and, Czech citizens injured while travelling to the Republic of Ireland.

The law offices of Marie Cilinkova are based in Prague where they have a team of experienced and highly specialised Lawyers.

The Czech law firm of AK JUDr Marie Cilinkova was founded in 1990 and specialises in medical law and compensation for personal injury* cases.

The most common cases handled by attorney Marie Cilinkova are road-traffic accidents, work-related injuries, injuries and damages related to criminal offences, and damages and medical malpractice cases.

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Czech law governing Personal Injury

What is the law for Personal Injury in the Czech Republic?

In the Czech Republic, there is a no-fault compensation system for injuries related to road-traffic accidents and work-related accidents. For road-traffic accidents, damages can be claimed directly against the vehicle’s insurer. In medical malpractice cases, fault must be proven by the injured party.

How is compensation assessed in the Czech Republic?

The only legal criteria used, in assessing the extent of compensation to be paid to an injured party, is the “decency principle”. This is set out in the Czech civil code. This means that the compensation must be decent in relation to a particular case.

The Supreme Court of the Czech Republic has published a methodology for personal injury cases. This methodology is fully accepted by the courts, and in practice is applied to all personal injury* cases. The compensation for wrongful death, in most cases, is around twenty times the monthly average nominal wage (i.e. €25,400.00).