When traveling to faraway destinations to see breathtaking views like the Eiffel Tower in France or the ancient Colosseum in Rome, the last thing on any tourist’s mind is returning home with a personal injury. But unfortunately, the risk of slipping, tripping, and falling does not stay at home while you are on holiday, as they are some of the most common types of accidents that people find themselves getting into while abroad in Europe and other international countries.

A slip, trip, or fall accident is already a nerve-wracking experience, and being in an unfamiliar place makes it all that more stressful and confusing. When trying to figure out what to do under those uncertain circumstances, you will need support and guidance from a solicitor that is well versed in the laws of the country where you were injured. If you are dealing with the aftermath of a slip, trip, and fall while on holiday, consult with the international travel lawyers at Injured Abroad.

Types of Slip and Fall Cases We Handle

There are numerous situations where someone can find themselves injured after slipping, tripping, or falling while traveling to foreign countries. Below are some of the most common cases we handle at Injured Abroad.

Common Slip Accidents That Happen On Holiday

  • Wet Floors: From freshly mopped hotel lobbies to the slippery pavement outside an amusement park, slips can happen in various places.
  • Spilled Drinks: It is normal for a clumsy guest to spill a drink or two while relaxing on a cruise ship or hanging out at a local restaurant’s bar.

Typical Trip and Fall Accidents That Happen Abroad

  • Debris: An unsuspecting person can trip or fall over debris improperly discarded by popular restaurants and tourist hot spots.
  • Unsafe Roads: While strolling the scenic streets of popular countries like Spain and the Czech Republic, anyone can trip on cracked sidewalks and raised pavements.
  • Faulty Infrastructure: Tourist attractions are the main event for many people visiting different countries, and unsafe infrastructure like wobbly stair railings and weak flooring makes anyone susceptible to a trip or fall.

Who Could Be Liable for My Slip Trip and Fall?

Slips, trips, and falls at any place of business are easily avoidable, and the responsibility of preventing accidents or warning visitors of potential dangers falls on them. After sustaining an injury due to an establishment’s failure to create a safe environment, you will want to know who is liable. In most cases, the party to blame is either:

  • Hotel Owners
  • Public Facilities
  • Retail Companies
  • Construction Sites
  • Tourist Attraction Sites

What To Do After a Slip and Fall

After a traumatic accident, you should focus on yourself and your mental and physical recovery. While getting compensation might not be your initial priority, you can do a few things from the moment the accident occurs that will smoothly set you up for filing a successful claim.

  1. Seek Medical Attention: Before traveling, find out the medical emergency service number of whichever country you visit. If you have severe injuries, have somebody call authorities to the scene immediately. Otherwise, visit a nearby healthcare facility afterward.
  2. Report the Accident: Whether it is the Irish Gardaí or the Scotland Yard in London, file a detailed report of the incident to the local law enforcement wherever you are.
  3. Photograph the Scene: Get visual documentation of the scene, including the cause of the accident and your injuries. This photographic evidence will help the solicitor build your claim.
  4. Contact Witnesses: If there is anyone who witnessed the accident, like your family or other tourists, get their contact information so they can give a detailed account of the events from their perspective.
  5. Consult with a Solicitor: After getting over the initial shock and emotional stress, reach out to a solicitor and get compensation for the unjust situation forced upon you.

Consult with a Holiday Accident Solicitor

We understand that being injured in a place far away from home is very confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, Moloney & Co Solicitors works closely with law partners around the globe to fight for anyone who has taken a slip, trip, and fall while on holiday in Spain, France, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the USA.

We believe you deserve guidance from a solicitor who knows the law of the land where your accident occurred and can give you a fighting chance. No one should go through the stress of a personal injury alone, so get in touch with us today and let us provide the support you need for your case.

In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or a proportion of any award or settlement.