Our International Partner: Florida, USA

We pride ourselves on building strong working relationships globally with reputable firms that we can engage and collaborate with on behalf of our clients, thus increasing our success rate in cases abroad. We handle all aspects of a case from correspondence to logistics.


Associate Partner

Domnick Cunningham & Whalen

The Florida-based law firm of Domnick Cunningham & Whalen will be working with us to represent Irish or Florida residents injured while visiting Ireland or Florida.

This means that any American person injured in Ireland or any Irish person injured in Florida can get immediate legal expertise ensuring that any possible injury claim for damages is immediately investigated by specialist Lawyers.

Domnick Cunningham & Whalen is a cutting-edge law practice. They have a dedicated team, led by prominent and proven trial attorneys; they offer personalised solutions for righting wrongs.

Throughout the years they have built a foundation of leadership, innovation, and community service. They are a trusted, client-focused firm that protect the rights of people.

Domnick Cunningham & Whalen main practices are:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Catastrophic injury or wrongful death
  • Product liability
  • Nursing home abuse/neglect
  • Trucking accidents
  • Insurance bad faith

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American law governing Personal Injury

Personal Injury in Florida

Florida state law obligates property owners to maintain a level of care that protects guests from all foreseeable harm, and injuries that occur as the result of an owner’s negligence could qualify a visitor for compensation. A negligent defendant may be held responsible to provide payments for any damage they cause following an accident.

Time limits for making US compensation cases

Time limitation varies upon the legal nature of the claim itself: to prevail in a negligence case, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached their duty to protect the injured person. Florida Statute §95.11 establishes a time frame of four years from the date of injury as when a prospective plaintiff may file suit.