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Injured in Spain? BCV Lex

The Spanish based law firm BCV Lex is here to assist Irish tourists injured in Spain, and, Spanish citizens injured while travelling to the Republic of Ireland.

In many cases where Irish Tourists are injured while on holidays in Spain, they can sue the accommodation providers Insurer directly without having to sue the hotel also. Many of these claims can also be pursued in Ireland under EU Regulations but the assessment of compensation will be based on Spanish Law. It is very important that all booking documents between you and your Travel Agent are kept as they will be needed to prove it was a Package Holiday. You can then pursue the compensation claim against your Tour Operator, under the EU Package Holiday Directive, in Ireland.

If you have been injured in Spain, or have returned to Ireland and are unsure how to proceed with your claim, Moloney & Co. Solicitors can help you by working on your case with our international legal partner firm BCV Lex.


We are both experts in Spanish Personal Injury law. If you have been injured in Ireland and have now returned to Spain we can also help with your case.

Madrid-based BCV Lex are personal injury experts and their main areas of practice cover:

  • Road-traffic accidents
  • Tourist and travel injuries
  • Train accidents
  • Maritime disasters
  • Defective product liability claims
  • Aviation accidents

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Spanish law governing Personal Injury

The Personal Injury system in Spain

The Spanish Legal System of Civil Liability has many special features, starting with a detailed scale of how damages are assessed which is known as the “Baremo”, which is compulsory for Road Traffic Accidents. It is also usually applied for almost any kind of Personal Injury sustained in Spain.

The “Baremo” provides a code for the levels of compensation to be paid for individual injuries and other losses. The Law in Spain provides for a direct right of action against the insurer of the responsible party. Spanish Law provides compensation for temporary injuries, personal loss, financial loss and compensation for permanent injuries.

Time limits for making Spanish compensation cases

Time limitation varies upon the Legal nature of the Claim itself:

    • Personal Injury Cases have a Statute of Limitation of 1 year which begins to run when the victim is able to claim.
    • The limitation period for Product liability claims is 3 years which begins to run from the date of the accident or when you fully recover whichever is the later time.
    • Defective services provided to consumers allow between 1 and 3 years to sue.