Introducing Our New Greek International Personal Injury Partners

As part of our International Travel Practice, we are delighted to announce our formal association with the Greek law firm Pavlakis-Moschos & Associates (P&M).

Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates is a law firm that has been operating for 40 years in the centre of the legal and commercial district of Piraeus (Athens), Greece. Pavlakis – Moschos & Associates specialise in areas such as Personal Injury* Litigation, Maritime Accidents and Aviation Law.

Commenting on the announcement Liam Moloney Solicitor said today “we will now work together in helping Greek and Irish tourists and other travellers pursue legal claims for compensation for personal injuries sustained in accidents in Ireland or Greece”.

He added “we are delighted to have such an experienced Greek Lawyer, Silina (Vassiliki) Pavlakis – Moschou working with our firm on these cases”.

Silina (Vassiliki) Pavlakis – Moschou added “with our combined expertise in dealing with overseas personal injury cases, that have a Greek and Irish element, we achieve great results for our clients.”

If you have been injured in an accident in Greece and are unsure as to what your legal rights are, please contact injured abroad at or  Silina (Vassiliki) Pavlakis – Moschou at , and we will help you through the process of securing the appropriate compensation.

Visit our Greek Partner