Introducing Our New Ukrainian International Personal Injury Partners

Injured Abroad and the Ukranian Law Firm of Jurinter, headed by International Travel Law Expert Attorney Oleg Fedotov are delighted to announce their collaboration to act for Irish or Ukranian residents injured while visiting Ireland or Ukraine.

This means that any Ukrainians injured in #Ireland or any Irish person injured in Ukraine can get immediate legal expertise ensuring that any possible injury claim for damages is immediately investigated by specialist Lawyers.

The Jurinter Law Firm has vast experience in conducting settlements of fatal and severe *Personal Injury Cases both local and cross-border cases in connection with ship collisions, sinking and explosions, road traffic and work accidents.

The main areas of practice that the Jurinter Law Firm conduct are:

  • International Private Law.
  • Insurance Claims.
  • Civil Claims.
  • Commercial Claims.
  • Cutter Claims.
  • Work Accident.
  • Road Traffic Accidents.

With a strong and specialised partner, we can now also provide Ukrainian residents in Ireland with expert legal advice if they sustain an injury in Ireland.

What is the Personal Injury Law in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a “Civil Law” jurisdiction based on the constitution, international conventions and treaties to which Ukraine is a member and on general principles of Law.

Liability for Personal Injury is a fault-based liability. It is the wrongdoer/defendant who has the burden to prove that he/she did not act with negligence or intentions, in order to be cleared of Liability.

The Ukrainian Civil code provides for compensation to the full extent of both material damages and moral ones. Moral damages are not limited by any fixed amounts and they are awarded by the Courts depending on the circumstance of any specific case.

*In contentious business, a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement. *


If you have been in an accident in Ireland or in Ukraine and need legal advice, please contact Moloney Solicitors at or Attorney Oleg Fedotov at

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